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Great Company And Employees!

My friend and took the tour of the facility last Friday. Extremely educational and fascinating. The employees were all very professional yet personable. We truly enjoyed Joey and his explanation of the building process for each of the guns. He is a tremendous tour guide and facilitator.

The detail and personal attention that goes into the building of each gun is impressive. The personnel were highly respectful of their jobs and their contribution to the finished product.

I would highly recommend this tour to my friends and all gun enthusiast. It is very rare to have the opportunity to tour such a great facility.

High Quality Firearm

My Snake Salyer IV is a very well made, extremely high quality firearm. I received great and responsive service from the company and am well satisfied. Great value! I carried an early German made derringer for many, many years as a backup gun while working as a police officer. That gun functioned well and I still use it today, but the quality of the of the Bond Arms gun is far superior. Thank you for your attention to detail in the manufacture of your product. I wish it was available in those early years.


I now have 3 Bond Arms Firearms. The Snake Slayer, the Pikes Peak Special, and the Old Glory package #2. I’ve got several custom grips...Star, Genuine Stag, and Faux Ivory. I have gotten used to the driving holster for the Old Glory, so now...I’ve ordered a Tan Driving Holster for use with my Snake Slayer and Pikes Peak Special. I am a retired LEO with 36 years of service, and I am very happy with your fine firearms for CCW! Yup...its only two shots..but they can be big ones! I generally carry the 45/410, the 44 Special, or the 38/357 Magnum. I also have the barrels for the 45 Colt and the 45 acp.
Your Firearms are SOILD BUILT AND QUALITY! Let the idiots declaim because its only two shots....I know what is important for self defense! I have over 65 handguns! I have Semi-Autos, DA Revolvers, Single Action Revolvers, NAA Minis, and Bond Arms Firearms. I do not feel as if I am under-armed if carrying a Bond Arms Firearm! After a long career in law enforcement, I have a bit of experience, and know what is important in a self defense firearm! On these forums, many think there is some problem with this platform or that! But the reality is, that each user must decide what is right for them! I like my Bond Arms Firearms!

“The Stuff Hits the Fan”

I live in rural Pennsylvania and was first drawn to Bond Arms during the Obama era ammunition droughts. The idea of being stuck somewhere when “The Stuff Hits the Fan” with a handgun and little ammunition was somewhat frightening. The legally carried Bond Arms Snake Slayer in .45 Colt/.410 loaded with Winchester PDX1 and extra barrels in .22 LR, .380 ACP and .327 Federal gave me peace of mind that I could find sufficient ammunition to defend myself. While never being stuck anywhere completely unarmed.

Continuing health issues have made it increasingly difficult to fund “want” purchases. So, I began searching for pre-owned options at local gun shops, as well as online sources. I found the aforementioned on a Gun Broker auction along with the extra barrels.

I’ve since purchased two additional barrels, a .22 WMR and a .357/.38. The second was available at a 50% discount directly from Bond Arms. Since the gun was pre-owned, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this deal still applied. The package is now complete with the addition of a BAD driving holster and a Sticky holster.

Sometime later I requested an extra barrel hinge screw, but due to torn inner and outer packaging, it was lost during USPS transit. I now know this damage was caused by the sharpness of the screw threads, because the replacement envelope arrived in much the same condition. Thankfully, this time the item was still inside. Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the experiences I’ve had with the customer service department. Thank you for manufacturing such outstanding American-Made handguns. The quality is superb.


If you drive a Porsche with an upgraded chip set, you must be willing to feed your auto a higher grade fuel as recommended by the manufacturer. Although the Bond Bullpup9 doesn't afford increased horsepower, torque or driving characteristics, you still glean a great satisfaction of owning this small 9mm. The ergonomics are welcome to my medium sized hand. Firing from the Bullpup9 firmly pushes the rounded, rosewood grips against the fleshy part of my palm in a platonic embrace. It just feels right! It conceals well as a pocket gun or inside the waist carry. There does exist a list of recommended ammunition to feed this beast to keep it happy. It won't ping and falter like a Porsche on a junk-food diet, but feeding a round of less than optimally crimped casing may just cause a separation of bullet from shell. This hasn't happened to me personally. As of this writing, Bond has included no less than 30 different "approved" self-defense types of ammo and nearly as many for range ammo. If you appreciate a run-of-the-mill, very reliable car, buy a Subaru. If you dare to step outside the box toward this beautifully crafted, anodized aircraft aluminum frame paired with a bead blasted stainless steel slide, you won't be disappointed.

Quality Product

I am honored to own one of the best made and safest hand guns made! Man the team in Texas really have a winner here. I bought my “Old Glory” last November and love it. I carry it as a back up and also EDC. Today for my older brother’s upcoming 60th birthday I purchased him the “Patriot” with the custom holster. He is my hero and he is the one who taught me how to fish and shoot. He is going to love the gun!! Take it from me, these guns are fantastic!

Great Guns

First let me say, I absolutely love these guns. I first purchased the Old Glory tv special and a month later I purchased the Outlaw Bond signature version. Both of these guns are fun to shoot and very manageable. I mainly wear one as a secondary weapon, and the other sits next to my recliner.

I can’t wait to see what the next special edition version Bond Arms will come out with. Thank you for making great guns that are accurate, fun to shoot, and perform flawlessly. The driving holster works great and is a nice addition as a carry option.

Superb Customer Service

After MANY rounds through my Texas Defender in 410/45LC (2.5 in). The safety started to rotate. A quick e-mail to Bond Arms had me shipping the frame to them. In about a weeks time,the Texas Defender was back in my hands with a new safety and at NO CHARGE.

This is superb service. I have nine different barrels for my Texas Defender but my favorite is the 45LC/410 (2.5in) which I carry at all times eith in my BAD holster or the wallet holster or the IWB holster depending on my attire for the day.

What can I say about a USA made product with SUPERB Customer service and a product built like a tank and with the precision of a Swiss watch. except that I am a very satisfied customer. Thank You Bond Arms!

Best Off Duty Carry & Back Up!!

I'm a retired Peace Officer of the State of Georgia, and when I retired, I wanted something concealable, but with a serious punch to it. I chose your Texas Defender model, with optional removable trigger guard, and buddied this up with a pocket holster. The pair work great together and are a very easy and comfortable conceal. I use a combo load of .410 Critical Defense in the top barrel and .45 LC in the bottom. I've had a lot fellow Peace Officers, both working and retired see me practicing and shooting on the range, and everyone them is always impressed by my Texas Defender, and also with the fact I can swap out barrels & grips, some have also chose to purchase and carry BOND Derringers as well. Thanks for a GREAT product.

The Only Gun I Truly Need

It's February, 2018. Controversy over firearms is at a peak, but even the most ardent anti-gun advocate I know (my 65 year old mother) can be made to understand why my Texas Defender is the only thing I would never part with. It's all the protection I could ever ask for, it's incredibly safe to handle and conceal carry, and even Stevie Wonder could stop a break in or personal assault dead in it's tracks from 10 yards with just the first round of .410 PDX defender.
I can live without my AR's. I can even live without my FN Five-seveN. They are just range toys. But my Texas Defender can't be denied as the most reasonable, justifiable, sane all-purpose platform for self defense in this politically charged era.
She just bought a Cowboy Defender last month...

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