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BULLPUP - Best Pocket Carry

I purchased my Bullpup9 as a pocket carry weapon. I can't imagine a better choice. It is a pleasure to carry (I use the "Sticky holster") and shooting it at the range is really fun. The caveat to that is you must use good ammo, not the cheap stuff some try to sell. No misfires or jams. My only problem is that I must have bent the slide spring when reassembling the gun after shooting, but the customer service people at Bond Arms were fantastic to deal with and fixed me up with a new spring immediately. Absolutely great to deal with. And even with the bent spring, once assembled it fired flawlessly. I do get some odd stares when other shooters see it in action.

A Big Impact On My Life (The Right Kind)

I would like to thank Bond Arms for putting the infomercial on TV. I would not have known about this quality gun otherwise. This is my first handgun, and I'm 61. I feel like now I have a credible response if the wrong kind of knock at the door happens. It is not cheap but I can see the value will be achieved by the many years of having a tool that will work when I need it the most. Plus it turns out to be fun to hammer on a target too. A sheet metal target was dented by the BB's of the shotgun rounds but was torn up by the .45's. The "Brown Gun" has a dull, low reflective finish; very well camouflaged. Many people know what the term "hand cannon" means, but it's new to me and now I know what it means too!

Excellent 9mm Pistol And Perfect Carry Gun

This is a very nice, well made, very attractive gun. It is small, as expected. However, it also shoots extremely well.
Its recoil is well managed as the designers assert, particularly for a 9mm in that size. I feel the recoil is better than some 380s, and practically all small 9mm. The muzzle rise is modest, and putting it back on target is quick. The gun points well. The sights are good. The luminous dots are easy to acquire. The handle is large enough for most hands. (I use XL gloves).

A Work Of Art!

I Purchased a 9 mm Bullpup in January of this year. I am a collector of small handguns and have many brands. My new Bullpup is without a doubt a work of art and far ahead of the others, extremely accurate at 25 ft and never a misfire. Love the little rascal.

Feeling Patriotic With My Old Glory

I love this weapon...my beautiful wife thought I deserved the Bond Arms Old Glory chambered in 45 Colt and 410 with the additional barrel in .38/357 and gave it to me as a Christmas gift! I finally got an opportunity to run out to the range today and see how this gun was going to perform. I loaded it with Hornady Critical Defense 45 Colt 185 gr FTX and shot it from 7 yards at an FBI Q target. It was not what I expected, it was much better! The recoil was much less than I had anticipated and my shot was center mass. I had a huge grin and everyone who saw me shoot was impressed as well. I let my 5' tall 101 lb wife take a turn with the derringer and after she shot with great precision, was also surprised at how much less the recoil was in her small hands. I have replaced my high capacity 9mm and .40 cal pistols with the Bond Arms as my CCW. I also purchased the Old Glory leather driving holster and do like the way it sits on my left side for a nice cross-draw. I am planning on purchasing a couple more barrels in .40 cal and possibly a 22 long rifle? Thanks for a great gun!


Just unboxed my new Patriot! The craftsmanship and quality right out the box are fine! This is one of the nicest weapons I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing! I would recommend these guys to anyone. Now to start a collection of the interchangeable barrels.

Love On The First Round

I love my Bond Arms Old Glory! I am a Patriot clear through. We live in the greatest country on earth. My new "Bond" is a true piece of art. The first time I fired it was on a range and at seven yards the first shot out of my 45 long colt barrel went four inches to the left and two inches up. Shot number two went bullseye! I was amazed at how accurate such a small gun can be. Thanks for a really great buy!

Awesome Brown Bear Derringer

I bought the Brown Bear, 45LC with a three inch barrel on kind of an impulse buy. Everyone I talked to thought it was a very impressive derringer but they also had the same commitment after finding out what caliber it was. The general consensus was “That’s going to hurt”.

I purchased a 25 round box of shells, thinking 5 - 10 would be plenty for the first shooting of “That’s going to hurt”. Well I’m hear to say “They were all wrong”. This little piece is awesome! I not only shot the original 25 but went back a purchased another 75 rounds and shot about half of those. This derringer is a breeze to shoot, I would and will recommend one to everybody I talk to that is thinking about purchasing a derringer.

5 Stars! Good job Bond Arms

Proud & Grateful For A Truly Exceptional American Made Firearm

I bought a Snake Slayer IV several years ago, and admire it everytime I see it. It is exceptionally well made! This morning, I visited Bond Arms website, and I felt compelled to write this testimonial. I am so proud to be an American, and I deeply love my country. I am continually dismayed and concerned that much of America's manufacturing has moved over seas. When I have an opportunity to purchase a U.S. made product, I usually jump at the opportunity. But when a U.S. made product is truly exceptional, the company needs to be recognized. Gordon Bond and Bond Arms are to be commended for their commitment to American manufacturing, American workers, and for manufacturing firearms of exceptional quality. Well done!

Bond Arms Texas Defender

Doug is my name, but this review is not about me or my opinions it's about a very high quality very safe tool that I will count on if my life is ever in danger. The Texas Defender I have recently purchased fits my hand very well 410/45 colt will do the job with a 3 inch barrel don't be afraid of reaching out beyond your normal personal defense yardage. I've only ran this gun 5, 7 ,9 yards with 410 bird shot and all hits were on paper . Believe me when I tell you I'm not a professional shooter, but the 45 colt is hitting consistently from 30 yards. This is from a three inch barrel, so if anyone is worried about accuracy as I was, you can rest easy with a little practice aiming an over/under can be done. That being said, the craftsmanship of BOND ARMS derringers is just unmatched. This little,very concealable, powerful, and beautiful derringer feels like a handtank! Yes you only have two shots at your disposal, but if you do your research most up close defense situations are less than two shots. Besides I don't think anyone wants to be hit by two defensive 410 shotgun blasts.

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